Martin’s Wings

Martin’s Wings – A New Adult Novel (Manuscript Complete and available for review)

This lighthearted jaunt envelops us in the life of Martin, a twenty-something introvert playing hide and seek with love as he navigates over-the-top holidays in his large, noisy, not to mention nosy, extended family.

Martin is a lot of things: ex-fat guy gone solo backpacker, has-been high school jock turned California commuter pilot. These days, runaway groom tops the list. Just ask his East Coast relatives.

Personally, Martin’s exhausted with his enormous family’s hypercompetitive holiday hoopla and their accompanying admonishments and advice. He hopes never to answer another trivia question or bat another wiffle ball with them again. Meanwhile, Martin attempts to avoid his ditched fiancé whom he still loves, her lauded new fiancé whom he loathes, and one raging not-a-fiancé-yet who hails from hell. Let’s just be frank. Martin is not having a good year…unless you count the sparkly fairy flapping her wings, potentially lifting Martin out of his own heartbroken funk.

As Martin faces the flak from his wedding walk-out, he endures toddler tantrums, barren buffet tables, disparaging nicknames, and, worse, cheap beer. Bittersweet memories of teenage antics and first kisses taunt him against the aging landscape of his hometown. Amid this constant background buzz, Martin searches for forgiveness, closure, and just one trifling slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. Maybe he could ask the cute girl with wings and a wand for some.

Nat Mumpower is currently seeking representation.  To contact Nat and request manuscript portions or a synopsis of “Martin’s Wings”, please use the website contact form or find Nat on Twitter @natmumpower.